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Poker is one of the famous games played at an online online It is a game of skill and knack. One needs to be well aware of all the strategies adopted by different players to master this game. But before even that you need to know the hands of the poker and the basic rules.

There are many kinds of poker like Texas Holdem, 5 card stud poker, Ohama Poker, Hi-Lo poker,rebel bingo, etc. But of all these Texas Holdem is the most famous and simplest. In Texas Holdem the players aim for the pot which is the money wagered by each player in every round. In the end, the winner wins the pot.

To begin with, each player is given two cards in The initial bettings are done and then another three cards are opened and placed on the table. Another round of betting is carried out and then the fourth card is opened. And finally after another round, the fifth card is also displayed on the board. The player who has the highest five hand combination among the seven card wins the game. However, this is not a must. At times, if the players are good enough they can still win the pot by bluffing and getting even the highest hand player to drop his online That is why it is said that poke is not just game of luck but game of skill.

Poker Games Rules is the best site for all the novice and veteran players as this will guide you through the complete game of poker.

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